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Workspace Innovation

Colliers Birmingham Joins the Stand-up Desk Movement

By September 28, 2016 No Comments

Working in commercial real estate, my daily activity occurs in fits and starts. There are plenty of days where I sit at my computer all day reviewing leases or building financial models. In fact, Stand up desk company InMovement states that on average, an office worker “enjoys” 21 hours per day of inactivity. This might be a little much even for the most lethargic person and might explain why some of us feel like we need a nap at 3:00 every afternoon.
As a high-heel wearing professional woman, I have been reluctant to get on the stand up desk wagon but I write this as I stand at my new adjustable height desk. I am a convert. And I am not alone.

There are now six of us at Colliers Alabama with some version of the stand up desk. (Disclaimer, none of the others wear high heels.) Most of my colleagues have purchased VariDesk converters for ~$350 or the AirRise Pro converter from StandUp Desk Store for $199. These contraptions sit on your existing desk and allow you to sit or raise the desk surface on which your keyboard and screens sit. My colleagues love the converter products because they do not involve getting rid of their old desks or rearranging the way they work.

I am a minimalist and hate clutter, so the thought of having one more thing sitting on my desk was a non-starter for me. I am using a single surface stand up desk from StandUp Desk Store. It allows me to raise my entire desk surface when I want to stand. Although an electric adjustable version of the desk is available, I opted for the crank version as my minimalist nature dictates that I want to limit the number of cords and electric plugs in my office. The pricetag – $350. The verdict: I stand about three hours per day and I have a little more energy as the day ends.

If you or your company are thinking about giving stand-up desks a try, I suggest you start by buying a few converters from one of the on-line stores mentioned above or, if aesthetics and long-term durability are more important to you than your budget, talk to your office furniture vendor to learn about more high-end alternatives. Some even have power strips built in. Business Interiors carries the InMovement line produced by the same company that produces LifeFitness exercise equipment. Not surprisingly, they also produce treadmill desks. I tried one out and learned that I clearly do not have the coordination to type and walk at the same time, even at .3 mph. I’ll just walk to pick up lunch instead.

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