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Where Did You Find That?

By October 10, 2017 No Comments

Almost two years into this blog, I am frequently asked where I get information.  Like most people, my answer is “The Internet.”  It is not, however, “The Google Machine.”

My blog probably makes it obvious that I love research, but I research not just out of curiosity, but because I believe it is essential to learn as much as I can about my industry as well as the industries and issues of my clients.  Consequently, whether I am just catching up on what is happening in commercial real estate or looking for specific insight relevant to a client, I frequently turn to the following websites that I find to be reliable, well-researched sources of information.

Furniture Companies

Office furniture manufacturers spend extensively researching trends in workspace design and utilization.  As such, their websites are fonts of information to a tenant representative like me.  Two of my favorites:

Office Architects

International architecture firms Interior Architects and Gensler invest heavily in research.  Both firms also utilize their extensive client bases to gather information and feedback.  Gensler even has internal research grants for which its employees can apply.  These grants can be used to research areas of interest to particular industries or functions.

Accounting Firms

The big four accounting firms’ websites contain white papers on subjects as varied as human resources, telecommuting and the effects of AI on the global workforce.  Check them out:

Consulting Firms

Lastly, consulting firms develop and publish in-depth reports that would impress Ivy League professors.  Maybe that’s because they are often written by them.  My personal favorites are Bain and McKinsey.

Happy researching!

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